Wow, its been a awesome few weeks for me.  I was selected as a vExpert 2013, I did my first vBrownBag on vCloud Automation Center, and late last week I found out my session on how the University of New Mexico is using vCAC got selected.  All of this has been quite humbling to me, I am just a guy who loves technology and wants to share the cool ways we are leveraging vCAC at my current employer.  I have to admit I am pretty excited to have the opportunity to speak at VMworld this year.  Below are the session details:

Session ID: VCM5114
Session Title: How the University of New Mexico Improved Service Delivery Times
Using vCloud Automation Center
Track: Virtualization and Cloud Management
Presenting at: US

“The University of New Mexico’s Central IT department is tasked with providing services to a very large diverse community.  UNMs Central IT department, like many organizations, has been tasked with providing more services while IT budgets are shrinking.  In response to this Central IT started reviewing its services and processes to see where it could improve.  One of the services that Central IT provides is hosted VMs on its central infrastructure.  While reviewing the service they found that there over 100 manual processes needed to take place and 6 Groups were involved in spinning up a VM for a customer.  This meant that even though they had cut server provisioning times by moving to virtualization from physical machines it was still taking an average of 2 – 3 weeks to deliver a VM to customer.  Central IT started looking to find ways to enable the automation of VM provisioning for its clients and settled on the vCloud Enterprise Suite from VMware.  With the solution they have been able to reduce VM provisioning from weeks to hours.  They also been able to empower there users to provision VMs themselves through a user friendly interface.  This allows customers to get VMs in a timely manner so they can focus on their organizations goals.”