For years now I have wanted to work for VMware and been interested in a role there.  The biggest challange has been my location.  I am currently based out of New Mexico and there just isn’t enough business here for VMware to justify having an SE based here.  So I finally got the family on board and applied for SE role that focuses on the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Managment products. I figured I could do well in this role with all my recent, in-depth knowledge around vCAC.  To be honest, I didn’t expect to get a call back, I had applied for positions in the past and not even gotten as much as an email stating I wasn’t selected.  So I was quite surprised when a recruiter called and stated they were interested.  So its official and I have accepted a postion with VMware as an SE-Cloud Infrastructure Management Specialist in Broomfield, CO and will be starting with VMWare on 11/4.  The family and I will be relocating to Denver area around the begining of the year.  I am quite excited to have the opportunity to work for such an awesome company and I believe its going to be a wonderfull place to grow.  Its also a postion where I will be able to continue to enage the communtiy and share my knowledge, something I have come to love more and more over the years.  Looking forward to starting and hitting the ground running!